Raquetes de Neu


Esquí Alpí

Alpine ski / Snowboard



Itineraris de Muntanya en esquís

Back country Ski

Neu i Allaus

Snow and Avalanches

curs Alpinisme

Mountain eering

Winter Activities

½ day. Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici National Park

RaquetesNeuMigDiaSite: Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici National Park.

Means of transport in winter: snowshoes.

In a safe and fun way, discover the valleys that make up the National Park, the traces animals leave on the snow, and the snowpack conditions. Enjoy the sense of freedom of being in the High Mountain in winter.

A suitable activity for any age and physical condition. We will adapt to your characteristics.

When: December 1st to May 1st
: The Pyrenees
: Snowshoes
: 40€ per participant

Typical Ascents


Greeting the dawn high up in the mountains; reaching high mountain summits in winter conditions; learning basic travelling techniques with snowshoes; assessing the snowpack and choosing the best ascent path, all of it without forgetting safety and fun.

When: From December until April
: The Pyrenees. Vall de Boí.
: Snowshoes
: 60€ per participant

Full day. Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici National Park.


A full day trip of approximately 5 to 6 hours along European Black Pine forests or, if you prefer, along the Fir forests of the Aran Valley. Within the National Park, itineraries can take place along the North face of Corticelles (known as Little Canada), or Portarró d’Espot (typical viewpoint overlooking lake Sant Maurici, with the backdrop of Els Encantats). Within the buffer zone of the Park, itineraries can head towards the Port of Rus or the valley of Moró.
A chance to get to know the surrounding milieu, the landscape, the snow and the everyday life of high mountain forests.

When: December 1st to May 1st.
: The Pyrenees. Vall de Boí
: Snowshoes
: 55€ per participant

Multi day trips


A taste of winter and life in high mountain refuges, crossing the mountain port of Portarró d'Espot towards lake Sant Maurici, and from there on towards the cirque of Colomers...That is just one of the several trips that we invite you to take. 2 to 3 day hikes, spending the night in one of the comfortable lodges which are open in the National Park during the winter. At GUIES DE TAULL we will design the itinerary according to the level and the aims of your group, and we will make the necessary reservations for the lodges.A chance to practice travelling techniques with snowshoes, orientation, snow observation and, most importantly, an opportunity for discovery!

When: February 19th to April 25th.
: The Pyrenees.
: Snowshoes
: 50€ per participant/day

Reservations for the lodges will be handled by GUIES DE TAÜLL.


Chariots of Fire


A classic. Integral round trip across the National Park created during the summer of 1990 by the guards of the lodges, who decided to make a kind of contest out of the trips they took to visit their fellow guards in other lodges.

The route takes its name from Hugh Hudson's film, Chariots of Fire, where two athletes compete for personal reasons in the running contest of the 1924 Olympic Games. Every year there is also a Chariots of Fire NON STOP contest, in which participants run round the National Park in less than 24 hours.

At GUIES DE TAULL we invite you to complete the route in 4 to 6 days, always adapting the itinerary to the level and aims of the group.We also handle the reservations for the lodges.

When: February 19th to April 25th
: Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici National Park. Pyrenees.
: Snowshoes
:150€ per group per day + lodge expenses.

At GUIES DE TAÜLL we will make all the necessary reservations for the lodges.

Lessons and Courses.


The Pyrenees, Val de Boí, Boí-Taüll Resort: our daily playground. GUIES DE TAULL gives you the chance to learn or to improve your alpine ski or snowboard skills. Technical training tailored to suit each participant or group (a maximum of 7 participants per group). In the case of children, we work on technical and didactic aspects alike. We work on specific ski/snowboard techniques, but also on safety and on the overall feel of it all.

Both beginner and improvement lessons are taught by local and certified instructors, with specific training and experience in guiding and in snow and avalanches.

We will tailor our training to suit your personal characteristic and specific needs.

In full week and week-end courses, we use the video camera as a didactic tool, in order to help improve your technique and posture.

When: December 4th to April 25th
: Boí Taüll Resort / Baqueira Beret
: Alpine ski / Snowboard

Sky/Snowboard Guide Pyrenees (BTR/Baqueira/Cerler)


Surf or ski down and enjoy, while discovering the ski resorts of the Pyrenees  in the company of a certified guide/instructor. With the GUIDE PYRENEES program, we guide you around the ski resorts and we take care of the logistics of your stay so you can make the most of your skiing time without worrying about the practical details.

Perfect program for a school groups.

Gain basic knowledge of snow science, meteorology, avalanches and ski resort safety, while ripping the best runs and safely finding the best snow.

When: December 4 st to March 31st
: The Pyrenees: Boí Taüll Resort, Cerler, Baqueira Beret
: Alpine ski / Snowboard / Freeride

Itineraris Fora Pista. Vall de Moró/Ginebrell.

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El nostre terreny de joc habitual, el domini esquiable de Boí Taüll Resort a més a més dels cims i valls més accessibles des de l’estació d’esquí;

El Serrat de Ginebrell, per a iniciarse en el món del fora pista; accés directe amb esquís desde el cap de Vaques; el retorn el farém amb el freeskibus de Boí Taull.

La Vall de Moró, 1000 metres de desnivell, des de el Cap de Puig Falcó, accés directe amb esquís, (vall paral•lela a l’estació d’esquí), fins a la carretera d’accés a l’estació (font de Moró); el retorn cap a l'estació d'esquí el farém amb el freeskibus de Boí Taull;

Esquia la millor neu, amb seguretat, formació tècnica i coneixement in situ dels diferents tipus de neu.

Dates: Del 24 Desembre al 31 de Març
: Domini esquiable Boí Taüll Resort i valls paral·leles
Tipus d'activitat
: Freeride



Grup. A partir de 2 participants, (màxim 4 participants X professor/guia)
Nivell alt d’esquí alpí, paral•lel elemental en pistes trepitjades, pistes negres en condicions favorables.




  • Material tècnic d’esquí alpí
  • petita motxilla
  • jaqueta i pantalons impermeables tipus Gore Tex
  • guants
  • casc

Nosaltres et proporcionem el material de seguretat, (pala, arva i sonda).



Serrat de Ginebrell. 60€ X pers.(2 persones) / 40€ X pers. (3 persones) / 35€ X pers. (4 persones)
Vall de Moró. 90€ X pers..(2 persones) / 75€ X pers. (3 persones) / 65€ X pers. (4 persones)

Els preus inclouen professor/guia titulat, assegurança de dia i material de seguretat,(pala, arva, sonda).
No inclou forfait estació d’esquí.


Off-piste ski in the Pyrenees


Our daily playground: Taüll's hill. Guided by a guide/instructor, discover the great variety of slopes featuring several directions and huge vertical drops that can be found in the ski area of Boí Taüll Resort. If you do not find the best snow here, or if you grow tired of ripping groomed slopes, we invite you to jump over to the North face of the Pyrenees (Baqueira Beret, Tavascan...) and take advantage of the lifts to become acquainted or to perfect your technique in ungroomed snow. Safely rip the best snow while improving your technique and getting hands-on training on different types of snow and avalanches.

When: December 12th to March 31st
: Boí Taüll Resort, Baqueira Beret, Cerler, Espot/Portainé,Tavascan
: Freeride

Off-Piste Itinerary. Moró valley/Ginebrell


Our daily playground: Boí Taüll Resort's ski area and its most easily reached peaks and valleys.

The Ginebrell valley, for a beginners in off-piste skiing; direct ski acces from Vaques ski lift; we come back to the ski resort using the freeskibus of Boí Taull;

The valley of Moró, a 1000 metres drop from the top of Puig Falcó. This valley runs parallel to the ski resort, so we will ski down to the resort's access road (Moró source); we come back to the ski resort using the freeskibus of Boí Taull;

Safely rip the best snow while improving your technique and getting hands-on training on different types of snow.

When: December 24th to March 31st
: Boí Taüll Resort ski area and parallel valleys
: Freeride